Coffee alternative, here are 10 alternative drinks for coffee

Coffee alternative, here are 10 alternative drinks for coffee

what is the best Coffee alternative

A cup of tea: stimulating and full of benefits!

Looking for coffee alternative with so many stimulating effects? Why not start with tea? It has the same benefits as coffee without the disadvantages. What is a good alternative to the coffee? Tea has the same molecule as caffeine: the theine, but it has much milder impacts on the body. As the tea tannins diffuse into the hot water, they slow down the circulation of the theine (from about 3 minutes). “The stronger and infused the tea, the more mild theine effect is,” confirms Valérie Mery-Mandeville, nutritionist.
“Very little infused, on the other hand, the theine has a faster stimulating effect and impacts the body like coffee.” What teas? Tea, black, green tea … They also have the advantage of being rich in antioxidants. Attention, the antioxidants of green tea are destroyed from 60 ° to 80 °. On the other hand, black tea can be infused in boiling water. Why be careful coffee: It has an exciting and stimulating effect from 15 minutes.
In small doses (1 to 3 cups per day), it is appreciable for its whiplash effect. Too high a dose, however (over 3 to 5 cups per day depending on the caffeine content of the coffee and how it is prepared) can increase heart rate and cause tremors.
Note: filtered coffee is stronger than arabica type espressos.

Lemon juice with pepper!

It is also a citrus but lemon is much less sweet than its cousins (orange, grapefruit …). “With honey, a little pepper and agave syrup, hot water with lemon can easily replace coffee,” suggests Valérie Mery-Mandeville.
What is a good coffee alternative? Its vitamin C content provides the energy needed for the body, but it also has drainage properties. “Ingested 15 minutes before breakfast, it allows the enzymes to assimilate well and its detoxifying virtues will be maximum,” she comments. Despite its acid taste, it has alkanizing qualities and rebalances an overly acidic diet.

Chicory, for the taste of coffee

The chicory is free of caffeine or theine. Its taste is very close to coffee. What is a good coffee alternative? It is a good alternative in terms of taste! On the other hand, it does not particularly awaken and looks more like a decaffeinated coffee. For addicts, it can be saving in case of shortage!

An infusion of thyme, for the tone

For plant lovers, an infusion of thyme with honey or lemon can also replace coffee. What is a good coffee alternative? The teas are not necessarily synonymous with evenings in socks in front of the TV! The active principles of thyme are toning, but also detoxifying. You can buy dried organic store or cultivate it in his garden …
To make a herbal tea, pour “the equivalent of one to two teaspoons for a cup of boiling water, and let infuse 5 minutes,” says the nutritionist.
Note: The cooler the leaves, the more invigorating. The active ingredients are less effective when the leaves are dry.

An infusion of rosemary, energizing

For those who do not like the taste of tea or coffee, a rosemary tea can also do the trick. What is a good alternative? Rosemary has strong energizing properties. To make a tea, “Pour one to two teaspoons in boiling water, with a few drops of lemon juice and honey: a delight!” Advises the specialist.
Note: As for thyme, think of buying sachets of dried rosemary bios, to prevent it from being contaminated by pollutants, “alerts Valerie Mery-Mandeville.

An infusion of ginger to wake up

“To wake up smoothly, nothing better than an infusion of slices of fresh ginger, mixed with lemon, honey or whole sugar,” advises Valérie Mery-Mandeville. What is a good coffee alternative?
In addition to its energizing properties, ginger has many virtues. It is anti-inflammatory and improves blood circulation. “It allows a better irrigation of the body,” says the nutritionist. You can drink it throughout the day (unless you suffer from stomach ulcers), this is a great alternative to coffee!

Grapefruit juice, rich in vitamin C

Some people can not do without it in the morning: citrus juices (orange juice, grapefruit …) are part of our everyday life. What is a good coffee alternative? They are very invigorating, rich in vitamin C and digestive enzymes, enough to help you open your eyes and detoxify your body.
Be careful though not to abuse it: 1 drink no more! They are indeed very rich in sugars (10 grams of sugar on average in an orange). Also be careful not to mix grapefruit juice with any medication.

Green tea matcha, to drink and to eat

Very bitter, matcha tea is a Japanese green tea sold in powder form. It can be drunk, but also used to cook sweet or savory recipes. What is a good alternative? It is derived from the grinding of an integral leaf and contains more tea than traditional tea.
In addition to its energizing qualities, it is a good healthy alternative to coffee: it is very rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene and vitamin A.

A spice drink to keep fit

Without tea or caffeine, the spices infusions will seduce more than one to replace the coffee! What is a good coffee alternative? Cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, pepper … the spices are very invigorating! “You can have a hard time sleeping just by sprinkling cinnamon on your dessert,” says the nutritionist. An infusion of spices is equivalent to a cup of tea, a little softer. “In India, we drink it with milk: the chaï”.

Tea mate, a real boost!

Maté tea or yerba maté is a drink from South America and very common on this continent. “It’s a bitter tea and the locals drink it with straw in small sips throughout the day,” said Valerie Mery-Mandeville. How is this a good coffee alternative? It causes a real boost effect that lasts a few hours. In contrast, unlike coffee, its diffusion is very slow and it is not felt on the heart rate.

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