Lack of Sleep May Prevent Weight Loss – Here Are The Reasons

Lack of Sleep May Prevent Weight Loss

Lack Of Sleep May Prevent Weight Loss

Want to lose a little weight? You must therefore pay attention to your diet, but also practice a regular sports activity. You must also control your sleep, since it is essential to good health.

When trying to lose weight, it is important to change your lifestyle. It is necessary to modify your diet to focus on healthy foods, but also practice regular physical activity.

However, there is another essential element to remember when you want to slim down: sleep. We forget it a little too often, but it is essential to our health.

According to the American Sleep Foundation, an adult should sleep between seven to nine hours a night, to recover well and respect a good sleep. Unfortunately, lack of sleep could easily lead to weight gain or in any case, prevent you from losing weight.

Lack of sleep stimulates hunger

When you have an insomnia or lack of sleep, you are more likely to be hungry in the next day.

“Lack of sleep affects the secretion of some of our hormones, including ghrelin and leptin, which regulate appetite and satiety, and help us know when we are full,”

says psychologist Janet Kennedy to the Greatist site.

Lack of sleep makes you want to eat fat

If you want to lose weight, you should promote healthy foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and forget prepared foods and foods that are too sweet, too salty or too fat. This food rebalancing is already difficult to implement but lack of sleep can totally affect the process.

According to a study published in 2013 on the Nature Communications website, sleep would help regulate a part of our brain that would influence our food choices. Thus, it would also affect our frontal lobe and our brain, so that the most fatty foods would appear to us the most attractive.

“When this hormone cycle is disrupted, our brain wants to select the options that are richest in sugars or fat, the best way to escape is to plan your meals in advance, especially when you know that ‘We’re going to have a busy week”

advises Kristi L. King, dietician. Otherwise, try to select foods rich in fiber and nutrients.

Lack of sleep changes our insulin regulation

“Lack of sleep prevents our body from reacting to insulin, the hormone secreted by the pancreas to pass glucose into the body’s cells,”

says Nate Watson, doctor

In short, sleep can change the way the body uses glucose. It will then be stored in the adipose tissue of the body, which contributes to weight gain.

Sleep is essential for sports

Sleep is essential to recover after a sport session. It will help your muscles to rest better but also to recover for the next training. If you sleep badly or miss sleep, your body will be tired and will have more difficulty doing sports exercises.

Sleep is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and balanced, as well as food, for example.

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