Make money with Mytranslation, become a freelance translator and get $ 60 per hour

Make money with Mytranslation, become a freelance translator and get $ 60 per hour

Make money with Mytranslation, become a freelance translator and get $ 60 per hour

You have a very good level in a foreign language. You may even are bilingual, and Interested in the translation profession?. Many tend to think that to become a translator, you must have done advanced studies in foreign languages. It takes going to college. So that you may learn the culture of the country, history, and all possible technical terms imaginable in all areas. All validated by a battery of diplomas. It is true that for some rather high positions, as a translator for the government. For example, these degrees are probably necessary, and probably required. Thanks to the “magic” of the Internet, it is now possible to practice the profession of translator without any qualifications. I will introduce you in this article the site which is a platform that connects translators and potential customers.

Quick presentation of the site

The site is a professional translation platform launched in 2011 by Benjamin of Fraysseix. This platform is innovative and meets two needs, or rather solves two problems. It is a great alternative to automatic translators (which are, frankly, an aberration!). As well as traditional translation companies (where we find our famous graduates) who charge very high prices. Furthermore, work in classical translation company, prestigious or not, does not guarantee you to make money more than freelance. Because you have a set salary from the start by your employer. Regardless of the amount of work (but often with a high amount of demand!).

The website lists Currently over 2,000 freelance translators working in more than 45 different language combinations. When you register on the website as a translator. You pass a test in the language combination of your choice (Espagnole / English for example). And in a Particular area (eg trade). Your score on this test must be at least 4 to 5, the test is obviously corrected by professional translators working for the site. This rating will be then evolving over the work you realize. And based on the advice that you give to your customers after each work.

Operation of the translations

The site provides clients and translators a market place. On this market place are two different types of translation services:

Express translations

These are ad hoc translations, put on the market place by customers. The first translator who accepts the project gets it, first come, first served! If you subscribe to email alerts on the site, you will be instantly notified by email of new deals. These email alerts are configurable (eg, you can request only the new project deals of more than 100 words).

The site is primarily a professional website, which therefore has to maintain a certain level of quality. This also requires the respect of translation time. To summarize, you must respect all the ins and outs of the “contract” of service delivery in which you agree when you select an offer. Be careful not to have eyes bigger than your stomach, and accept a very important project having too short time.

To communicate with your client during the progress of the mission. The site has created a messaging service called “Job Center”. Finally, to deliver your work, you can simply upload your document on your personal account. Which is then responsible for transmitting it to the client.

Once your work delivered, the customer can accept or reject it. However, if rejected, you have the possibility to discuss with him the reasons for rejection. Then improve the translation accordingly. In the opposite case (the customer being in the course obligation to provide a valid reason for rejection). The document is revised by 3 professional translators working for Which give reason to one of the two parts. Moreover, the customer has 3 days to reject your work. If it does not, it will be automatically accepted and your account will be credited.

Auction translations

Contrary to express translations that can start immediately and have a price defined by the customer. In translations auction is that you will offer your price, and the work will starts once the auction expired. You will also propose a deadline, and the proposed price is a price per word (0.06 cents per word, for example). From which the calculation is done automatically for the entire project. Then you will see two total price. One that pays the customer and the other that you will receive if acceptance. The difference between the two corresponds to the commission taken by the site.

So the client chooses a translator among all the proposals who made to it. This is not really an auction. In the sense that it is not the highest winning (It would not be in the interest of the client) nor the lowest. IT is the customer who decides. He will direct his choice obviously depending on the price offered by the translator, but not only. He will also look at your profile, translations you have already done and the reviews left by your former clients. A customer who wants a quality translation will be willing to pay more if the candidate’s profile is best!.

When you are new in the site, it is better to start with the express translations, to build your profile, and having your first positive opinions, in order to then develop your proposals in auction translations. Translations auction often correspond to large projects (translation of books, for example). So make sure you have enough time to devote to meet deadlines.

How can we make money?

I have read translations of offers, to be able to also talk about the price, and it turns out they are very interesting. To set the order in which price you want to work, you must also know how fast you work. For example, if you know you can translate 1,000 words per hour, and you want to earn $20 per hour, does not select a project of 2000 words paid $10! Among the offers I’ve traveled, I found such a project 1186 words to $ 59.30! if we refer to my previous example, and you get to translate about 1,000 words per hour, it is already here at an hourly rate of $59/h.

Another project found: a project of 12,296 words paid $516.43, which brings us (always with a working speed of 1,000 words per hour) at an hourly rate of about $43!! Suppose you work more slowly, say half, or 500 words per hour, your hourly rate will, for the last example cited, about $21, which is still very interesting!

There are also many smaller projects, see micro-projects of a few dozen words. Thus, you will find the project that suits you, allowing you to manage your time as you like, and earn additional income, or principal if you make larger projects.

The site has a blog with many articles to help you get started in this business, to grow, to find clients etc.

Small tip:

if you start your adventure and you translate a document, and if you stumble over certain expressions, do not be tempted to automatic Google translator (Or any other automatic translator for that matter)! This would be catastrophic for you and your client. however, you can use a editorial dictionary, that will give you more examples of sentences in which the words are found you are looking to translate, so that you find the most appropriate translation. You will find a very good editorial dictionary online, which is very intuitive, easy to use, and with many combinations of languages.


Through the site Mytranslation, everyone can have access to the translator. From the moment you have a good level (minimum current language) in one or more foreign languages, you can totally get started in this activity without a diploma! Making a career as one accessible to all is a very good initiative, in which everyone can find his account. Indeed, customers have, in turn, the possibility of finding a quality translator that will make it work as good a translation company for a price much lower. As for you, however, you have the possibility, through this activity, saving a lot of money. So if foreign languages are part of your talent, but that talent has hitherto remained hidden, do not wait any longer! Make it benefit people and professionals who need it, and take the opportunity to earn extra income!

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