Zero Euro Banknotes Multiply, Read To Find Out Why

Zero Euro Banknotes Multiply, Read To Find Out Why

Why zero euro banknotes multiply

In Germany, a new ticket with no face value will see the light of day, to celebrate the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. A widespread practice, which originated in France.

No, the zero euro banknotes were not invented to lower the feeling of precariousness in Europe, as one could cynically believe. On the other hand, their multiplication for three years shows a real craze, especially in Germany. Where collectors love these “small cuts”.

The phenomenon originates in France where Richard Faille, an entrepreneur from Auvergne. Decides to print the first tickets on which are listed great French monuments, such as Mont Saint-Michel or the Arc de Triomphe.

This entrepreneur is also not at his first attempt. Since he previously specialized in the production of souvenir medals, in partnership with the currency of Paris. He then turned to printing “fake” banknotes – legally.

With the blessing of the ECB “European Central Bank”

Although having no face value, these cuts sold for two euros immediately appeal to collectors and tourists. And the idea is exported quickly. In Germany, zero euro banknotes are particularly popular. Cologne Cathedral or Berlin Castle, for example, have a dedicated copy.

Tickets are printed with the same features as the real denominations. By a local company that has received the blessing (or rather the approval) from the European Central Bank. Watermark, holograms, individual security number … The resemblance is striking. The only difference is that the paper used is not the one of the real banknotes. Which allows the cuts of zero euro not to be detected by the automatic machines as being a means of payment.

Up to 10 times their starting value

The impossibility of shopping with zero euro banknotes does not mean that they have no value. Each collection has a few thousand copies, and some collectors do not hesitate to raise the auction to get a particular model.

So, at the time this article was being written, a zero euro banknote from the Duisburg Zoo (representing a tiger, a giraffe and a koala), was available on the eBay auction site for 24.90 euros. Another, with the effigy of Karl Marx, was available for 13,90 euros.

In 2019, a new zero euro note will be printed for the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Already available for pre-order for 5 euros, it could see its value multiplied in a few years.


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